Welcome to the official website of Worldview International Foundation, your Blue Carbon Specialist and Climate Partner. We are dedicated to Blue Carbon Climate Impact, in support of the UN Paris Climate Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Worldview’s Secretary-General Dr. Arne Fjørtoft on the value of mangroves

Worldview specializes in mangrove forests, the buffer between land and sea and the most cost effective climate tool. Mangrove shorelines are vital for climate restoration and conservation, with the highest climate effect, a well as maintaining biodiversity in promoting life bearing ecosystem services.

Our climate action through VCS certified projects generate substantial value for financing and carbon income.

Projects in the pipeline include mangrove restoration and conservation of over 250,000 ha between 2021-2027. 

Local communities with over 10 million people will benefit from mangrove green shields in protection of lives and properties from sea level rise, cyclones and other extreme weather. An extra bonus from mangrove restoration is increased food security with up to 50% more sea food resources in the climate park areas.

We partner with private and public institutions and invite persons and companies that wish to contribute to the world’s Net Zero target to join us in the most cost effective method for offsetting carbon footprint by tailor made mangrove restoration and conservation.