Mangrove reforestation projects have taken place before, and failed too many times due to the fact that the mechanism behind deforestation are not sufficiently tackled. If there is no food on the table, the trees will be chopped down again and again just to provide for daily family needs.

Worldview is very much aware of this reality, and invests in better livelihoods, through contracts with the local communities.

Some examples:

  • solar lamps, raincoats and books for schoolchildren
  • clam culture training
  • natural textile coloring
  • scholarships for girls from poor families for study up to university level
  • bee honey production
  • crab, oyster and seaweed culture

Where the fishermen had to become charcoal burners before due to the shrinking mangrove populations and their impact on the diminishing catch, in the Thor Heyerdahl Park there are no charcoal burners now, and people have taken up fishing again due to the amazing effect of mangroves on the fish and crab populations.

Even the wild elephants dare to come down from the hills to the water again, this picture was taken in the park in 2018:

These elephants have traditionally lived in the hilly forests far behind the mangroves. Recently as the mangrove cover has increased they have begun to come to the water to play. The dense mangroves allow them to hide from humans, and escape into quickly. They are extremely rare to see, within WIF it was the 2nd sighting ever.

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