Investing in mangrove projects is the most cost-effective climate action with immediate results by removing carbon from the atmosphere and permanently storing it in the ground while constantly increasing mitigation with growth of trees.

  • Mangroves mitigate up to five times more carbon than terrestrial trees, with permanent storage in the soil.
  • Protect lives and homes in vulnerable coastal areas from tsunamis, cyclones and other extreme weather, the most efficient insurance in the age of climate emergency.
  • Reduce risk of sea shore erosion and loss of agricultural land due to increasing sea level rise,
  • Maintain biodiversity and producing life bearing ecosystem services,
  • Increase sea food resources with up to 50%,
  • Provide livelihoods projects in disadvantaged communities in support of UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The Blue Carbon Climate Impact of Worldview

Our focus on Mangrove Restoration and Conservation is based on the urgent need for practical, measurable methods in mitigating CO2 climate gases. Blue Carbon is the most cost effective natural solution for the global climate situation.

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The Livelihood projects of Worldview

The mangroves buffer vulnerable coastlines. On those coastlines live over 20 million people of which 60% live below the poverty line. The very poor communities are struggling to meet daily basic needs, and as a last resort, use forest resources to survive.

The key to sustainable restoration is public education and motivation with full participation by those communities, yielding social and economic benefits for them. Worldview’s target is to increase family income by 100% during 5 years.

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With our Blue Carbon Climate Impact projects to conserve and restore the high value mangrove forests and to improve the quality of the life of the local communities, Worldview supports the UN Paris Climate Agreement and all social and ecological challenges defined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Ongoing mangrove restoration projects in Myanmar will mitigate 30 million tons during the next 20 years. Contact us to join us in our mission to increase the Blue Carbon, the most cost effective climate tool.